Swanage Town Trail

Swanage is an interesting place to visit and has quite a hidden history which is right on our doorstep.

One of our regular guests drew a ‘Swanage Town Trail’ map themselves and has kindly given it to us. As it is over 40 years old (we think it was drawn in the early 1980’s) it is a bit delicate to let people borrow but we thought it would be great to show it off. We will get the original framed and put it up for our guests to see but here it is for everyone to look at and maybe give you something to do when you next visit.

It’s interesting to see how little has changed, a few places have closed or changed but Swanage continues to thrive in the modern-day but retains its charm, much of it originating from several hundred years ago.

Swanage Town Trail Map

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